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Golden Bough Theatre - the first modern troupe with its unique charm of locality that gains inspiration from daily life in Taiwan - was founded in 1993.
With most rooted simplicity and passion to move the public, regain the joy in theater. A different vision of unusual fusion of diverse elements, a play of folk, simplicity, and intense emotions, Golden Bough's shining characteristics are different from those of western theaters.

Founded in 1993, Golden Bough Theatre's work combines modern theatrical concept with popular culture and powerful energy - looking sometimes like kitsch while empowering with subversive strength - in search of an original Taiwanese theatre art form. Inspired by life experience, its work often charms the audience with local savor, which typifies colorful, raffish and flashy style. Golden Bough.

Mr. Wang Rong-yu, the founder of Golden Bough Theatre, was raised in a family that traveled around to perform Taiwanese Operas. Then he received Grotowski's body and mind training, and Taichi-Dowing and worked as a guest artist in Cloud Gate Dance Theatre. His personal background has led him to dedicate himself to fusing the different ideas of modern and traditional theatrical art. His works has earned him a great reputation internationally.

Basing its theatrical ideal on practice, Golden Bough Theatre with such believes it persists to work and learn from native land.





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